Younger Generations at Increased Risk for Colorectal Cancer

The Colorectal Robotic Surgery program at Dignity Health – St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center provides a comprehensive suite of colorectal cancer screening options. Their team of doctors and nurses are sensitive to each patient’s needs, and provide clinical care with compassion and humankindness.


At Westgate, their surgeons are skilled in minimally invasive surgical procedures like the Davinci robot which can reduce risk and optimize better patient outcomes. They also invest in advanced imaging technologies and radiation therapies to target tumors with greater precision. They treat a variety of colon and rectal conditions including, but not limited to, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal abscess, and anal fistulas coupled with compassionate care and treatment.


For more information, visit or call (623) 428-0822 to find a surgeon at St. Joseph’s Westgate.