Yellow: A Tinder App for Teens

Law enforcement worries that predators will sign up to gain access to your children.

Photo Credit: WCIV

It’s marketed as a place to make friends for teens 13 and up, but this new app has caught the attention of parents and law enforcement.

It’s called “Yellow” and the app is relatively new, but is already gaining popularity with millions of downloads from teens all over the world.

The app is easily accessible without much verification. The worry is that predators will sign up using a fake age and phony pictures.

After signing up and logging in, you can scroll through the app and find pictures of shirtless teens and girls wearing low-cut tops.

If that’s not scary enough, the app also links up with your child’s Snapchat and if they ‘swipe right’ this complete stranger is then added to their ‘friends’ list. These strangers could then use Snapchat’s new feature ‘Snapmap’ to track your child’s location.

Yellow does have a team of human moderators who review content and user profiles reported for suspicious behavior 24/7, but are these security measures enough to keep your children safe?