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Willow Home Tour with James “The House” Judge

With a passion for turning houses into homes one judgement at a time, James Judge is a Phoenix-based designer, Realtor, flipper, deal fanatic and all-around house-a-holic. Judge specializes in design solutions that breathe new life into tired, outdated spaces by using the home’s existing features to maximize the innate design aesthetic that, he believes, it was always meant to have. His creative vision, keen eye for innovative concepts and buy-to-design approach have resulted in more than 100 house renovations in recent years ranging from $100,000 dilapidated fixer-uppers to $1.4 million palatial estates. Through each project, his fans and followers are along for the ride as he shares DIY tips, design-on-a-dime methods and overall inspiration for their own home-renovation goals. For more information visit