Why Olive Oil Should Be Part of Your New Year Resolution

The agritourism destination brings visitors from Arizona and beyond to experience the traditions and processes behind olive oil. Their award-winning extra virgin olive oil and flavored oils are crafted in small batches under the meticulous supervision of their Professional Olive Oil Sommelier. Guests can take a unique Olive Oil 101 Tour, dine outside with Di Oliva Italian Bistro & Bar, shop the market and repeat! The Mill also has monthly events including Pizza Date Nights, Sangria Socials, and their special Tavolo Dinners that celebrate different regions of Italy. Learn more at queencreekolivemill.com Citrus Caprese Salad Ingredients 1 Arizona Orange 1 Arizona Pink Grapefruit 2 large Heirloom Tomatoes, Sliced 1 loaf of Fresh Mozzarella, Sliced Bell’Olio Nuovo Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fig Balsamic Reduction Chiffonade of Fresh Mint Sea Salt Freshly Ground Black Pepper Directions 1. Peel orange and grapefruit, slice against the sections 2. Arrange on plate by alternating orange, mozzarella, grapefruit and tomato slices 3. Drizzle with Fig Balsamic Reduction and finish with Bell’Olio Nuovo 4. Garnish with chiffonade mint leaves and sprinkle with sea salt and pepper