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Watch Family Feud to Win $700 and Thanksgiving Dinner Just Like Brenda Dako-Ijiwoye!

Meet our first lucky winner! There are three more chances to win in November.

Meet Brenda Dako-Ijiwoye, who just won $700 and Thanksgiving Dinner from watching Family Feud! There will be three more $700 prize winners in November and you can be one of them! Watch Family Feud on AZTV 7 weeknights from 7 to 9 pm to get daily code words for your chance to win. Go to to enter each code word and you could win the daily $100 prize, or a weekly prize of $700 and Thanksgiving Dinner! Also, go to Peoria Ford at 91st Avenue and Bell Road to enter to win tickets to see a taping of Family Feud in California!