The Wallace & Ladmo Show

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The longest-running, daily live kid’s show in television history, “The Wallace & Ladmo Show” returned to AZTV Channel 7 with 18 episodes that had not been seen in almost 15 years! Thanks so much for watching, Arizona! Keep checking back here for more updates.

If you grew up in Arizona or lived here in the ’70s or ’80s, you already know about the iconic “Wallace & Ladmo Show” that spanned 36 years and over 10,000 episodes. But for those of you who just arrived – keep reading.

Wallace and Ladmo was a “kids show” on KPHO/Ch 5 that aired for over 35 years, considered to be one of the longest running shows (with the same cast) in TV history. Just about everyone, and every age, watched it.

It was kind of a Saturday Night Live format –with comedy sketches, live music and cartoons. It was a daily (Monday thru Friday) hour-long show, performed in front of a live studio audience. Much of the humor was political or satirical which kept the adults watching –and at other times, the humor was plain slapstick –appealing to kids and adults. 

It started in 1954 with Wallace (Bill Thompson), who worked in the KPHO studio and art department, as a way to “fill” in between cartoons and commercials. He was later joined by Ladmo (Ladimir Kwiatkowski) and then Pat McMahon who took on the role of dozens of characters like Gerald, Aunt Maud, Capt. Super, and the list goes on.

On April 1st, 1989 the show celebrated 35 years on the air and a huge celebration and live stage show was held at Encanto Park. More than 50,000 fans showed up to what was called a “mini-Woodstock.”

After almost 36 years on the air, the last show aired on December 29, 1989. Now, you can re-live some of the moments of that 9 time Emmy Award winning show and cast – ONLY on AZTV Channel 7. Sundays at 4:00 starting January 1st.

Pat McMahon on Arizona Daily Mix

Rick Soltesz, general manager of AZTV, told KJZZ News the idea to air 18 episodes was proposed by Michael Gallagher, a station administrator. Soltesz said the feedback so far has been very positive.