Vitalant | Donating Blood Makes an Impact

Your Role in the World Matters!

AZTV Channel 7 is proud of its long-standing partnership with Vitalant and helping to keep our state’s blood supply secure.

When you give blood with Vitalant, you have the potential to help hospital patients within your community and nationwide. Our experienced team members can quickly deliver blood where it’s needed most. The benefits of our larger footprint are vast, including leveraging our coast-to-coast network of donation centers so every donation has the potential to impact more lives.

Daily personal emergencies and ongoing medical needs of thousands of patients require a constant and ready blood supply. It’s the blood already on hospital shelves that saves lives.

AZTV Channel 7’s, Legendary Arizona television host, Pat McMahon defines a hero as someone who takes the time to make someone well again, to keep someone alive by just saying “yes.”   “Imagine you or your child desperately needing blood and being told, ‘sorry, we’re all out’,” McMahon said. “Give your pint full of miracles to Vitalant and you will have become a   healer – you will have become a hero!”


Vitalant Donor Centers

Call 877-25-VITAL (877-258-4825) or Visit

Chandler Donor Center: 1989 W. Elliot Rd., #33 (Elliot & Dobson)

Glendale Donor Center: 18583 N. 59th Ave., #113 (59th Ave. & Union Hills)

Goodyear Donor Center: 14270 W. Indian School Rd., #C-8 (Indian School & Litchfield)

Mesa Donor Center: 1337 S. Gilbert Rd., #101 (Gilbert & Hampton)

Phoenix Donor Center: 5757 N. Black Canyon Hwy. (Bethany Home Rd. & I-17)

Scottsdale Donor Center: 15170 N. Hayden Rd., #6 (Hayden & 83rd Pl.)

About Vitalant (formerly known as United Blood Services)

Vitalant isthe nation’s second largest community blood service provider, supplying comprehensive transfusion medicine services for nearly 1,000 hospitals and health care partners for patients in need across 40 states. Vitalant inspires local communities to serve the needs of others and transform lives through the selfless act of donating blood. Every day, almost 5,000 blood donations are needed to meet the needs of people throughout the country, and Vitalant’s 780,000 donors supply 1.8 million donations a year. In addition to blood products, Vitalant offers customers transfusion services, medical consulting, quality guidance, ongoing education, research and more. For more information and to schedule a donation, visit or call 877-258-4825 (877-25-VITAL). Join the conversation about impacting the lives of others on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.