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The Unicorn Frappuccino Everyone Is Freaking Out About

Have you tried the Unicorn Frappuccino yet? You may want to read this before you do!



posted by Faith Phares

What do girls love more than a great tasting Starbucks drink? Taking a selfie with said drink.

Lucky for us, Starbucks has released the “Unicorn Frappuccino.”

Starting today April 19th, the “Unicorn Frappuccino” is available in stores but will only last till the 23rd! But why?

Everyone’s wondering, what does it taste like? Well.. here you go.

I must admit, at first I was super giddy seeing the barista make my Unicorn Frappuccino. I mean look at it!


But then I tasted it…

Let’s start with what’s inside:

  • It’s a cream-based Frappuccino
  • Made with mango syrup colored purple {turns pink} with a special Starbucks powder
  • The blue stuff coating the cup is actually white mocha syrup with a sour powder mixed in. {sour blue drizzle}
  • The frappe is then topped with their signature whipped cream and is coated with purple, pink and blue glitter.

Now to the taste…

Sweet & Sour!!! {NOT Necessarily in a good way}

The first sip…

The first sip tasted as if I were drinking a melting “Dreamsicle” aka “Creamsicle,”{Orange Julius as my boyfriend said} which wasn’t bad. It had the frappe texture with a Dreamsicle taste but not what I expected.


I started to mix it up… {big mistake}

Now instead of a simple mango frappe, I tasted the sour blue sweet tart-like drizzle, forcing me to make “that” face… {you know the one I’m talking about}

Overall, the appearance is super cute, but let’s face it… that’s the only point to this drink. Not to taste good but to look good.

{I took 4 sips and had to stop}

 Why is this drink here for a limited time?

Because… it’s for the Insta! {to get you talking about Starbucks}

Four days full of Instagram posts and @Starbucks tags, this drink is for sure to be everywhere on your social media sites {as if it’s not already} and drive customers to Starbucks!

So hurry up and get in your Instagram pictures because it’s leaving the market April 23rd.

Finish one of these sweet drinks and you’ll be sure to have a tongue full of canker sores. {Yet another reason this is a buy one and done product}

Happy Insta-ing!



Credit: Faith Phares