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Understand Medicaid’s 5 Year Look-Back Period with Benefit Results

When a senior is applying for long-term care Medicaid, whether that is for services in one’s home, an assisted living residence, or a nursing home, there is an asset (resource) limit. In order to be eligible for Medicaid, one cannot have assets greater than the limit ( there are rules for single and married applicants) . Medicaid’s look-back period is meant to prevent Medicaid applicants from giving away assets or selling them under fair market value in an attempt to meet Medicaid’s asset limit. If you are concerned about a loved one needing more care than they can afford – it is important know about benefits that can help. It is true that navigating through benefit options on your own can be quite overwhelming. Benefit Results guides their clients through benefits such as Medicare, Medicaid (ALTCS), Social Security and Veterans Benefits and offer you a clear path to secure needed benefits, avoiding unnecessary denials. For more information visit