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Tire Rubber Meets New Roads With CRM of America Recycling

Recycling is on everyone’s mind. Especially when there isn’t an end market for the recyclables. With tires, there is a closed loop with a solid end market. That is why you don’t hear about waste tires in AZ … because there isn’t a problem. What happens to your old tires? There is an entire industry committed to turning old into something new. This closed loop recycling model is a story of success, where public and private entities team up to keep waste tires from being piled up and stored. An important effort, because stockpiled tires pose serious health, safety, and environmental risks. Whereas, the product of the recycling process; crumb rubber, can be used in various beneficial uses including rubberized asphalt and as artificial turf infill. Who doesn’t want a quieter road or a softer playing surface? It’s a win-win for everyone. For more information about CRM of America, visit