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Tips To Keep Pets Safe During Halloween

While Halloween is a fun time for humans, it is important to keep our furry friends safe and healthy throughout this holiday! From candy to costumes and decorations, there are many safety tips from the Arizona Humane Society to help ensure our pets get all treats and no tricks this holiday!

• Keep pets indoors in a secure, quiet space with plenty of food, water and toys as pets can easily escape through open doors
• Refrain from having pets go trick-or-treating with you as they may become spooked and run off
• Make sure your pets are microchipped, complemented by ID tag and collar
• Keep candy and treats, especially chocolate and alcohol, up and away from pets
• Ensure pet costumes fit properly and never force pets to wear a costume – try for a quick photo opp instead
• Use extra caution around Jack-O-Lanterns and decorations
• If you see an injured stray pet who may have gotten spooked by the commotion, please call AHS’ field dispatch team at 602.997.7585 Ext. 2073. If your pet goes missing or you find a pet, visit for tips to increase the chances of being reunited with your furry friend.