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Temper Tantrum or Call for Attention?

Time to understand the signs and how to deal with them.

Although temper tantrums are beyond common in toddlers, there are warning signs parents should be on the lookout that could possibly mean there are underlying behavioral issues. Causes of temper tantrums include frustration, tiredness, and hunger. Children also may have temper tantrums to seek attention, obtain something, or avoid doing something. An underlying mental, physical, or social problem may be the cause of the outbursts and is more likely if a tantrum lasts for more than 15 minutes or if tantrums occur multiple times each day. Catherine Anaya is talking with Ally Pediatric Therapy’s Dr. Kellie Band to find out more on Arizona Daily Mix.

Key Points:

  • What is a typical temper tantrum in a child?
    • An unpleasant outburst or disruptive behavior.
    • Usually consists of screaming, violence, defiance, angry ranting, and resistance to attempts to calm them down.
    • Child is usually dealing with emotions they can’t regulate.
  •  What are the signs that it could be more than a temper tantrum?
    • Excessive emotional outbursts.
    • Lack of  impulse control and problem solving skills.
    • Delayed gratification.
    • Difficulty communicating needs to parents or adult figures.
    • Difficulty self-soothing.