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Teaching Kids Inclusiveness

Find out how to talk to your kids about inclusiveness and dealing with differences while using the movie ‘Wonder’ as a teaching tool. 

Do you ever wonder? I’m sure we all do, about everything from why the sky is blue to what will happen to our family when we’re gone. Some, however, just wonder how they’re going to make it through the day with a smile.  For many children at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, that is exactly what they wonder… and Wonder gives us a little glimpse into their lives. This movie shows the life of a little boy whose face was disfigured at birth, and the struggles he endures as well as the friendship he forms. Today on Arizona Daily Mix, Megan Commito, M.Ed., joins Catherine Anaya to talk about the work that she does at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, as well as how the movie Wonder is helping to open the eyes of everyone in America to the needs of hospitalized children.