Springtime Tips for Happy Dogs

As spring approaches and we look forward to warmer weather, it’s time to start thinking about plans for our yards and our dogs that love them! A safe yard will go far to keep dogs active and happy, however traditional or buried wire fences are costly, require maintenance, and come with size restrictions. It’s pretty simple – more time off-leash means more exercise for dogs, and more exercise for dogs means happier, healthier dogs. The inventor of wireless GPS pet fencing – SpotOn GPS Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering, Sung Vivathana – will discuss why GPS fencing is the most flexible, reliable and convenient pet containment solution for dog owners. He’ll also talk about brand-new technological advancements and how they are leading to dogs spending more outdoors than ever before which can improve the life and happiness of you and your dog.  Learn more at spotonfence.com