Solar Pool Technologies

Cleaning your pool without ever going outside!

In this Phoenix heat, no one likes to go out and clean the pool, as much as they want to swim in it! It becomes a back-breaking and frustrating process, almost making swimming not even worth the trouble. That’s why Paul Sim, CEO, and Denis Ruzsa, VP of engineering, are here to talk about the Solar-Breeze NX2! Solar Pool Technologies have created a robot that cleans your pool, and is solar powered, so it never needs to be charged! It works like a Roomba for your pool, suctioning the debris that falls into the pool before it can sink to the bottom and breed bacteria. It even helps you save on your electricity bill, because this robot saves the pool’s pump from running all the time! If you’re looking for a practical and tactical solution to working the in Phoenix heat and an exorbitant electricity bill, this is your answer. All the information is right here on Arizona Daily Mix.