Social Media Etiquette at Weddings

Don’t let Facebook get you in trouble at your next wedding.

Couples getting married have embraced posting on social media – creating unique hashtags, to a customized geofilter on Snapchat, but there is still social media etiquette that guests should follow for posting and taking photos while at a wedding. Danielle Williams is talking with Because Event Space’s Tesha Taylor to find out more on Arizona Daily Mix.


  • Don’t post about your engagement or ring on social media until you’ve shared the news with your closest family and friends. They will want to hear it straight from you before seeing it online.
  • This tip should also go for most things in life – avoid venting on social media, and/or sharing negative thoughts or reactions online. This typically leads to hurt feelings. If there is an issue or problem, take it up with the person off-line.
  • Don’t spend your wedding day on your phone! Be in the moment. Friends and family have traveled near and far to be with you. Put your phone down and enjoy the day. You will be able to see all the photos after.

For Guests

With most things related to weddings and life communication is everything. So if you’re not sure, ask the bride and groom about what they prefer.

Pro-Social Media

  • Many couples embrace social media and create unique hashtags and encourage guests to take photos and post online using that hashtag so that all photos can be easily searched and are linked.
  • Couples are also creating special Geofilters for the day/weekend. If this is the case, embrace it and use it! 
  • Unique hashtags and photo sharing sites can be incorporated into signage during the reception, or on printed materials. 

Do you know someone or have you ever been busted at a wedding because of social media? Join the conversation!