Smart Ways to Help Kids with Homework

Less can sometimes be more when it comes to education.

Establishing a good homework routine for parents can be difficult, but is so important in helping children have a better chance to succeed. Pam Roggeman is a former teacher with 20 years of experience and she is sharing her tips with Danielle Williams on Arizona Daily Mix.

Here are a few tips:

  • Make a schedule that suits your child – If your child needs some downtime after school, make sure you incorporate that into the schedule, set up a routine like snack, play, homework and then dinner and bedtime routine. It’s important to set expectations and stick to a schedule.
  • Ask for help – It is sometimes hard to admit, but our children learn some fairly sophisticated concepts that may have left our brains. Many teachers are tutors after hours. Also, check to see if you have access to a community “homework hotline” through the local library.​
  • Keep perspective – Homework should enrich, not deflate, your child’s learning experience.  When it’s age-appropriate, teach your child to reach out to their teacher if they need more input or feedback.