Saguaro High School Women’s Volleyball Team Celebrates Fifth Win in a Row

Scottsdale Saguaro High School volleyball pulled three straight game wins in Wednesday night’s 4a conference match against Shadow Mountain High School in Phoenix.


All three games were close but Saguaro came out on top for the victory with the three games ending 25-20, 25-21, 25,23.   


The last game showed to be the most challenging game for Saguaro falling behind 11-3 just before the second time out.  “I just told them we have to live in the moment right now and finish this and we cant get ahead of ourselves,” Saguaro head coach Chad Speer said.


The three games were very close in score with Saguaro taking the lead at the end of each game.  Saguaro had the first two games in the bag and saw difficulty during the third.  “Passing was a big struggle in the game but we never gave up and just stayed in the game,” Saguaro setter Isabelle Valdez said. 


Freshman Dallas Taylor and Junior Stephanie Anguelsky had the most points in Wednesday nights match with a combined total of 24 points.  17 of those points belonged to Anguelsky who was a powerhouse throughout all three games.  “We were all really happy that we kept scoring points and we just mentally really wanted to win,” Anguelsky said.  


This was Saguaros fifth straight win and they are preparing to keep the winning streak going.  “We need to stay disciplined on the court and work on certain rotations that didn’t go as planned tonight and just work on getting first pass right away,” Valdez said.  


Saguaro prepares for its next opponent Marcos de Niza on Thursday and is ready for another win.  “We just need to communicate more and we should come out on top,” Anguelsky said.