Fountain of Life

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Surely, Fountain of Life House of Worship was already conceived in the heart and mind of God in the fall of 2003 when He gave Minister Bert Russell the land here at 8838 S. Second Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona. Shortly afterwards, in the fullness of time, God called Minister Russell to organize a church and, by faith, he and Lady Jeannette Russell obeyed the Lord wholeheartedly. On December 13, 2003 Minister Bert Russell met with a small group of followers and presented the vision he had for this church. A vision of a church that would Exalt the Savior, Equip the saints and Evangelize the lost; a ministry of love where all would fall completely in love with God.The vision was caught and the name of the church was decided upon: Fountain of Life House of Worship, inspired by a fountain that was already on the property.

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