Scottsdale Named 4th Best Mid-Sized City for Millenials

According to a recent reports from the travel research website, Gogobot, Scottsdale ranks as the 4th best mid-sized city in the U.S. for millenials.

The website observed which mid-sized cities are attracting the most Millennials by taking a look at the number of reviews and star ratings of the generation (those born in 1982 and younger), as well as the number of reviewed Millennial-friendly restaurants and attractions in each city.

Gogobot says of Scottsdale: "Old Town Scottsdale has a lot going on that is, decidedly, not old. In fact, its food, nightlife, and shopping options, as well as the many festivals that take place there, are perfect for a Millennial crowd on the lookout for all things new and trendy. The city is also especially well suited to cater to wine lovers, with many wine bars — including those selling local wines — all over town. Millennials into the art scene (check out the ArtWalk) and those who love spending time outdoors (don’t miss the Cholla Trail) will also find Scottsdale to be a perfect spot to spend some time or settle down."

The entire top 10 list includes:
1. New Orleans, LA
2. Cincinnati, OH
3. Boulder, CO
5. Pittsburgh, PA
6. Charleston, SC
7. Portland, ME
8. Omaha, NE
9. Virginia Beach, VA
10. Tampa, FL

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