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Arizona is mostly associated with The Grand Canyon, the Saguaro Cactus, extreme summer temperatures, vast deserts and the seemingly endless number of golf courses. But what really sets Arizona apart is its people.

Positively Arizona is a one-and-a-half minute feature that focuses on both the "ordinary" and "extraordinary" people that make Arizona unique. These Arizonans are special because they are creating a positive impact on our daily lives, and in some cases, with no expected return for their efforts.

They are men and women, business owners, politicians, philanthropists, and personalities whose actions and work have helped shape Arizona, or simply, have brought smiles to those whose lives they've touched. AZTV's mission is to highlight these unique individuals, or groups, as a way to honor their good deeds, inspire others, and to celebrate what makes Arizona the best place to live.

These features will be aired throughout the week on AZTV and MeTV in various programs as part of our broadcast schedule.

Watch, listen and learn what makes these people Positively Arizona.


Saguaro High Enterprise

Faith Phares, AZTV | December 2, 2016


Saguaro High School Volleyball Player Profile

Faith Phares, AZTV | November 15, 2016


SCOTTSDALE- Saguaro High School volleyball players were prepared to see a positive outcome in their game against Seton Catholic Preparatory School last Thursday after having won the first two games of the season.

For most people growing up, you are familiar with the sound of rain and never question what it might be, but for Bella Valdez, senior setter at Scottsdale Saguaro High School, her experience was different.

Saguaro Boosters Club

Faith Phares, AZTV | November 6, 2016


SCOTTSDALE - School funding is at an all time low and programs in the school rely on the fundraising efforts of booster clubs like Saguaro Volleyball Booster Club to build programs inside of the schools. 

“We’re rebuilding our program under the direction of our varsity coach, Chad Speer, and the boosters are willing to provide whatever support is needed to make the program grow,” president of boosters, Kristi Bigelow said. 

Another Victory for Saguaro High School Women's Volleyball

Faith Phares, AZTV | Friday, September 21, 2016


Scottsdale Saguaro High School added another victory to their winning streak Wednesday night at home, against Higley High School, in an intense 4a conference 4-game match.


“We were able to understand, that we were a lot better and were able to come through to start off strong, which kept our momentum going and we just stuck through it,“ Saguaro sophomore Dallas Taylor said.


Saguaro High School Women's Volleyball Team Celebrates Fifth Win in a Row

Faith Phares, AZTV | Friday, September 14, 2016


Scottsdale Saguaro High School volleyball pulled three straight game wins in Wednesday night’s 4a conference match against Shadow Mountain High School in Phoenix.


All three games were close but Saguaro came out on top for the victory with the three games ending 25-20, 25-21, 25,23.   



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