A Place to Call Home

Giving a loving home to Children in need.

It’s the hard knock life for any child longing for adoption, but maybe you could be the family who can give a child the hope that the sun will come out tomorrow. Crystal Zeigler joins Abrielle Swisher on the Arizona Daily Mix to tell us about Jillian, a beautiful 13-year-old who is looking for a family to love. She is bright, imaginative, and spunky, loving to read and spend time by the sea, and needs a two-parent home, with older or no siblings.

There are 17,000 children who need a home, and many of them are older children that need a family willing to guide them through many of their firsts in life. These children also need foster homes that can provide a safe and loving place to stay, as many of them are simply left at CPS offices… simply because there is no room anywhere else. If you, or anyone you know of, can offer a respite home, foster home, or adoption to any of these gorgeous and talented children, please contact a Place to Call Home and find out how you can help.