A Place to Call Home

Giving a loving home to beautiful children.

We have all felt, at one time or another, that our lives are missing something. Often that “missing something” is someone to love… and what could fill that void better than giving the gift of a forever family to a foster child? Cristal Zeigler from A Place to Call Home shares with Pat McMahon the stories of Christina and TJ, two adorable siblings whose family situation is sadly neglected. These bright, inquisitive, and talented children need a family who can take them both, and offer them the security and support that is so vital to every child’s development.

If you are interested in adoption, or simply fostering for a time, please contact A Place to Call Home. The children are so ready for someone to love them, to care for them, and to be interested in them… the makeup of the family is not important to them, just the love that could be offered. There are too many children, like Christina and TJ, who are left without the most crucial aspect of life: the love of a family.