Phoenix Suns Draft Josh Jackson

We are really excited about this pick!

Up to bat we have Monica Lindstrom, ready to hit a home run of information your way! Pat McMahon joins her to keep us all up to date on our favorite sports teams.

The Phoenix Suns picked up Josh Jackson all the way from Kansas, which sparked a very excited response from the fans… but the Arizona Coyotes received a much different reaction when they fired Shane Doan. The 9-minute breakfast meeting which resulted in Doan’s being fired inspired chaotic and passionate responses from loyal fans, who declared that the move was unjust, unfair, and uncalled for. In addition to this move, both goalie Mike Smith and Coach Dave Tippett were released from the Coyotes team this week.

The Diamondbacks are in full swing (forgive my baseball pun) as they rise in the ranks, game after game. Chase Field is the location for their upcoming games against the Phillies, drawing fans from all across the state… and don’t forget that the team’s Star Wars Day is coming up!

Frank Kush, coach at ASU from 1958 to 1979, passed away yesterday. His passing is mourned by everyone as they remember his legacy and contributions to the state. He was 88 years old.

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