Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation’s 2022 Charity Check Presentation

The Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation (PMCF) holds and participates in numerous fundraising events annually that support our mission of raising awareness and deepening community engagement for local charities that serve children, pets, and vets. They believe that all young people deserve to discover their potential. A child’s journey through life is not a straight line many obstacles can derail their path. At PMCF, they break down the barriers that young people face and prevent them from realizing their dreams and aspirations. Serving in the military entails a total dedication to something greater than oneself and the noble assumption of responsibility for the safety of all that is important to the American people. Their goal is to support the military and veteran community by offering help, comfort, and assistance. It is our responsibility to let them know that their sacrifices and service are valued. PMCF is honored to collaborate with regional animal welfare groups. Together, we can save lives and offer animals a second shot at finding happy, secure forever homes. Learn more at