PetSmart® Announces Record-Breaking 25,000-Plus Pets Adopted Out at the Company’s National Adoption Weekend

PHOENIX–More than 25,000 pets found their forever homes last week during PetSmart’s National Adoption Weekend event held at more than 1,400 PetSmart stores across North America — setting a new company record with the most pets adopted at these national events since they were initiated by the retailer more than a decade ago.

Approximately 25,027 pets were adopted through the event last week (Monday – Sunday), beating the company record by nearly 3,000 pets and representing a 43 percent adoption increase over last year’s Feb. event. This year’s efforts also included nearly 100 stores that expanded their life-saving efforts to include small animals such as ferrets, guinea pigs and rabbits.

New pet parents received a special adoption certificate and also received the PetSmart Adoption Starter Kit with tips on how to transition a newly adopted pet into the home, as well as coupons for a free bag of pet food, free one-time services for training, veterinarian and Doggie Day Camp, as well as discounts on the essentials such as bowls, collars, beds and grooming — all totaling $400 in value.

Phoenix ranked 3rd in the country behind Fort Worth, Texas and Houston, Texas with 222 total adoptions.  Tucson was 8th nationally with 177 adoptions.