Oola For Women

Using the “7 Fs for Life” formula.

Potential is a scary word. It can encourage, or it can intimidate… and our reaction is often what defines us. Troy Amsdale and Dave Braun, authors of the book Oola For Women, join Catherine Anaya on the Arizona Daily Mix show to explain their outlook on an Oola Life.

Using the “7 Fs for Life” formula, Troy and Dave tell about extraordinary women who have turned the hardships and craziness of life into simplicity, tranquility, abundance, and opportunity. If what they share strikes a chord, consider joining them in their quest for excellence! From April 27th to June 23rd, the OolaVWBus will be visiting every state in the nation, growing a community of believers in the extraordinary possibilities of your potential. Place your dream on the side of the bus, and get on board with this incredible opportunity to grow with so many others just like you.