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OH, BOY! Mickey Mouse Oreos are coming soon

For a limited time only.

Gather ’round, Oreo and Disney enthusiasts, for some news that might make your entire year.

Mickey Mouse is celebrating his 90th birthday in style! The world’s most famous cartoon mouse will have his own birthday-cake flavored Oreo! Not only will they be birthday-cake flavored, they’ll feature fun Mickey designs on the outside of the chocolate exterior. Each package will have three different designs.

Food blogger ‘Junk Food Mom’ spotted the cookies at this year’s Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago and set the internet on fire when she posted a picture of the package on Instagram. For some reason, she has now deleted the posts, but it’s too late; the word is already out!

A date hasn’t been announced, but Mickey’s birthday is Nov. 23 — so mark your calendar!