November’s Golden Rule Student Of The Month

Congratulations, Keira Hearn!

Gilbert, Arizona’s Keira Hearn is an all-around kind young lady to everyone she meets. She is sincere and respectful at all times. However, there was one instance where she stepped up and went beyond the call of duty to be kind to a classmate who has certain sensory needs and perseverations. This student has an intense fear of fire drills, and the noise of the alarm causes her great distress. As a result, this student is always warned ahead of time that there will be a fire drill so that she can be out of the building before the alarm goes off. On this day, however, there was a miscommunication in the office that prevented this student from receiving her warning. Everyone was quietly working in class when the alarm sounded, and they all knew to immediately check on this student. Her teacher needed to ensure every student exited safely, and so Keira took it upon herself to escort this scared student out of the building safely and calmly.