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New Local Father & Son Company Hillside Candle

At Hillside Candle, every fragrance tells a story—a story of family, passion, and the enduring power of scents. With each candle, they invite you to explore their collection, where every fragrance tells a tale of passion and enduring bonds. These candles are not just crafted with expertise but, more importantly, with love, hoping to bring warmth and serenity to your moments, just as they have for their family for years. Hillside Candle is different than your average candle. They use way more fragrance than competitors, their premium soy blend is greater than 80 percent soy, and they are crafted by master candle makers with over 30 years of experience. They truly believe every fragrance tells a story and they invite you to be a part of their candle journey.  To purchase a Hillside Candle visit