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Mrs. Valleywide Realtor on Market Crash or Market Correction

Mrs. Valleywide Realtor, Claudia Jorgensen of Stunning Homes Realty is back to talk about the current housing market. The Real Estate Market is NOT crashing, she sees more of a correction. Usually when there are higher interest rates, housing prices are lower. When rates are lower, housing prices are higher. The correction is coming in the form of somewhat of a halt to over-priced houses and/or high equity gains. There will be equity and in some areas you will see more gain than others, but this has always been the case. Right now, there is still demand for housing, even though you see the SOLD number’s down from last year. She says that if you are in a good place to afford your mortgage and are paying high rental prices, don’t wait any longer. If you are NOT looking to make millions off of your house within the first 7 years of owning, do it! You will not lose. You can learn more about Claudia and Stunning Homes Realty at