More Money For Retirement With The Gamma Strategy

The Gamma strategy can help retirees stay retired.

One of the biggest fears amongst retirees is outliving their retirement savings. That is a real possibility. From the Social Security side, trustees project that the Social Security trust fund will become depleted in 2035. On the retiree side, individuals are living longer which can mean more health and long-term care expenses for them in retirement. Numerous individuals have a significant portion of their savings in tax-deferred accounts that will face higher tax rates in the future. These challenges when met with outdated and uncorrelated strategies can easily derail an individual’s plans to retire and stay retired. Now, a new book written by Lane Martinsen, shows individuals how to increase income in retirement by 22.6%. The strategy is called  “Gamma,” and it’s detailed in the Amazon bestseller The Holistic Retirement Planning Revolution. In his book, Martinsen explains how a holistic financial plan creates Gamma and prepares individuals for retirement by examining all financial aspects of one’s life, not only investment accounts but mortgages, tax strategies, health care, long-term care and estate planning. This kind of comprehensive retirement plan identifies inefficiencies in one’s portfolio and incorporates financial tools that are customized for individual circumstances that can help enable retirees stay retired.