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Maury Povich

About The Show

Mon-Fri at 12PM

The results are in! Maury Povich is returning for a new season of “Maury,” a daily one-hour nationally syndicated talk show from NBCUniversal Domestic Television Distribution.

As a veteran journalist, Povich is known for his ability to get to the heart of issues. This season, “Maury” continues to explore compelling issues that affect relationships and families.  The show also covers topical items from the news, talent shows and psychic phenomenon. Where other shows tend to shy away from controversial issues, “Maury” provides a platform for the unheard to tell their story. Thus, issues involving transsexuals, missing children, unusual & debilitating phobias are common. However, popular topics like “Who’s the Father,” which uses a paternity test to determine the correct baby daddy, and telling truth from lie through polygraph test, are staples and will be back.

Each episode will include more backstage and behind-the-scenes access for loyal viewers who have always wondered how the show operates. The green room is no longer in use as the show opens its doors and guests are exposed making it challenging for guests to keep up their charade of lies.

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