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Mastering Car Ownership in 2024 with Mazvo

With the arrival of 2024, let’s make it the year when your car’s identity is finally revealed. Enhancing car maintenance and ownership skills should be at the top of your resolution list this year! To assist, this short guide offers simple-to-follow instructions, helpful hints, and plenty of affection – making this your trustworthy companion on the journey towards automotive care!

1. The Year of the Tire Check:  Make it your mission to regularly check tire pressure – both to avoid awkward gas station leans as well as maintain fuel economy. For every 10 PSI low, you will loose 4% of your fuel economy.

2. Oil Changes are Not Optional (Sorry, Not Sorry): Oil changes should be seen as mandatory maintenance habit! Learn the grade of oil your vehicle uses, if you’re conventional, no need to pay more for synthetic if it doesn’t require it. The secret to a long-lasting engine is consistent oil changes. Make sure you know the mileage interval in between each oil change.

3. Battery Health – Beyond Just Charging: Batteries can be fickle things; so, make sure they’re charged during winter months when batteries may become finickier than cats on wet days. Check and clean their terminals regularly, while making sure that everything is charged up properly – particularly during those rainy spells when they may act like cat-like creatures!

4. Brake checks – Not Just for Extreme Situations of &#%@#$!!:  they should be performed regularly as a preventative measure as well. Keep an ear out for unusual noises and get them checked regularly by a mechanic, since squeaky brakes could be an indicator that further help is required.

5. Light it UP: Double check that all your headlights, brake lights and indicators work effectively to provide safe visibility on the road and make you an instant celebrity without breaking out the cameras!

6. A Birds Eye View – Your Window to the World: Wiper blades provide your view of the world; when they begin to resemble old toothbrushes, they must be changed immediately as clear vision is essential when dealing with matters beyond romance alone.

7. Keep It Straight: Make sure to ask your repair shop to keep an eye on how your tires wear. If you have abnormal wear on one side versus the other, your steering is off center and or it drifts or pulls to one side, it’s time to have your alignment checked. Make sure to get a printout of your alignment to see before and after numbers to make sure you understand how far it was off and why?

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