Local Attorney Biking in 928 Mile Endurance Race

Ben Dodge, partner of Gilbert Law Firm “Bike Accident Attorneys, PLC” began the RAW (Race Across the West) on Tuesday, June 14th.  RAW is a 928-mile bike ride from Oceanside, California to Durango, Colorado with an accumulated elevation gain of more than 50,000 feet.

As an 8-time Ironman competitor and Navy Seal Kokoro camp graduate, Dodge has faced plenty of strenuous challenges in the past.  His solo journey on the Race Across the West though, will be his longest endurance event to date, with a cut off time of 92 consecutive hours. 

With little to no sleep he will race against seasoned pro cyclists from all over Europe and the U.S. Last year only a small handful of cyclists actually completed the entirety of Race Across the West. It is one of the most challenging bicycle races in the world!

To prepare for the event, Ben has trained for months including bike rides all across the state.

Several notable routes include: 
-Gilbert to Tucson then continuing to ascend up to the Mt. Lemon Summit (175 miles)
-Congress to Prescott and back (110 miles)
-Gilbert to Globe and back (135 miles)
-Up to the T.V. towers of South Mountain Regional Park in Phoenix AZ in a single ride (114 miles).

To track Ben’s progress on this grueling race, click here!