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Welcome to our Live Well page where we connect you with local experts in a variety of health and wellness fields to help inform, educate and engage, in order to help you live your best life!

The Procedure

Join AZTV in learning about the latest treatments in heart health from one of the world’s top cardiology specialists, every Tuesday at 8am on Arizona Daily Mix.

Arizona State Orthopaedics

The team at Arizona State Orthopaedics specializes in helping patients heal after an injury, or improving pain levels associated with a chronic condition.

Dignity Hospice

Dignity Hospice was built on the foundation of family, love and care.

Benefits Results

Benefits Results is a National non-biased consulting service that listens to your needs, provides support, and offers a clear path to follow when securing benefits. The education and suggestions offered are based on a solid understanding of rules and policy, specific to your needs, without the intent of selling other services.


IPGS provides health care delivery services in the greater Tempe, Arizona area. Our integrative practice offers mobile health care and in-office psychiatric services. From head to heart, we’re dedicated to providing quality care.

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