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“Je-rry, Je-rry, Je-rry!” You can stop chanting because Jerry Springer is back for his 25th season. Viewers should be prepared for outrageous guests, wild relationships to explode, and new twists on topics. This new season will continue the show's tradition of being full of surprise, complacency is not an option!

For 2015-2016, the multi-talented Springer, as always, brings his experience in law, politics, writing, acting and even dancing to help his guests solve their unique but also common problems. Living out a fantasy, revealing a deep dark secret, an ex that won’t go away, searching for love, Springer always wants to help his guests and usually, he is able to provide a solution or a temporary resolution. "Old School Springer" continues to a focus on the guests, their stories and the in-studio and at home audience.

Having debuted on September 20, 1991, “The Jerry Springer Show” remains hugely popular and has outlasted over 70 talk shows (including Oprah).  With an average of 2.0 million daily viewers, “The Jerry Springer Show” attracts a wide audience of both men and women, and draws in the highest concentration of Men 18-49 and Men 25-54 among all syndicated talk shows. 

Springer's domestic and worldwide appeal as well as status as a cultural icon has catapulted his popularity all over the globe. For example, Springer became a fan favorite on "Dancing With The Stars" finishing in the top five and hosted the 1st season of NBC's primetime hit "America's Got Talent". “The Jerry Springer Show” provided the inspiration for an opera in the UK, "Jerry Springer: The Opera."

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