It’s National Pitbull Awareness Month at the Yavapai Humane Society

October is National Pitbull Awareness Month and Yavapai Humane Society is celebrating by featuring two of their Pitties who often get overlooked because of their breed. Pit Bulls are now so trusted that they are being used as nanny dogs to guard small children. They have a gentleness and protective nature towards their owners, & the children they are left with are like their own. Yavapai Humane Society has been serving Yavapai County for almost 50 years and helps rehome over 2,000 dogs per year. Not only do we provide adoption services, but we also have a lost and found department that reunites approximately 800 animals with their owners per year. We have a low cost Spay/Neuter & Wellness Clinic that performs over 5,000 surgeries and administers over 9,000 vaccinations per year. Our Thrift Store is a bargain hunters goldmine, and all proceeds stay directly with Yavapai Humane Society. For more information, visit