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I Am Hologram

Arizona Playlist Ep. 11

I Am Hologram is a Phoenician composer and a multi-instrumentalist who utilizes both his hands and feet to play up to 4 instruments simultaneously and has a vocal range of 5 octaves. Richard Nihil (aka I Am Hologram) burst onto the local scene in Mid 2015 performing everywhere from hookah lounges to the mean streets of Scottsdale, Arizona. He then proceeded to release 6 records in 2016, including 3 full length albums and 3 eps, which led him to be honored by the local Phoenix art community leaders, Yab Yum West, for being the most prolific songwriter of the year . His performances are intense, typically singing and playing guitar, while he operates a drum machine and a synthesizer with his toes. I Am Hologram has performed in crowded rooms and completely empty rooms without losing any of the passion that he has become known for. Opening up for Afroman, and performing at the Apache Lake and Sidepony Festivals, have been among his greatest accomplishments so far.