Hustler Of The Week – Sassy Cones

This Hustler will help you get your ice cream on!

Sassy Cones’ founder, Francis Stennis, is serving up some of the sweetest treats you’ll find in all of Arizona. Her unique twist on the classic waffle cone has people lining up to get a taste, and that’s why she’s our Hustler of The Week. Does she have what it takes to be our Featured Hustler? Get ready to cast your vote starting November 7, 2018!

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These cones are so good you don’t even need ice cream!

More About Sassy Cones:

The traditional waffle cone has always been slightly sweet with no distinct color or flavor. While ice cream has evolved, waffle cones are still the same.  Sassy Cones was invented after craving a slice of lemon pound cake and seeking to find the ultimate lemon waffle cone. Imagining cones with a bold flavor, a sassy twist in color and delicious, Sassy Cones was created.