Hustle PHX

Each week we introduced you to amazing Hustlers who pitched their business, and YOU had a chance to make a difference in their lives!

about hustle phx

Some of the best natural entrepreneurs in the United States are in underserved urban communities. They are called Hustlers – visionary risk-takers who seize the opportunity to move product and turn a profit. They have the God-given skills, attributes, and talents of an entrepreneur, but they lack key resources needed to create sustainable businesses that benefit the broader community. At Hustle PHX, we want to let the Hustlers hustle – for the common good.


Creativity: Hustlers transcend tradition, ideas, rules, and patterns of thought.

Innovation: Hustlers create new ideas and put those ideas into action.

Ethics: Hustlers are loyal and can be trusted.

Leadership: Hustlers have influence and can move people in a positive way.

Learning: Hustlers are always learning, reading, and acting on new things and ideas.

Social Impact: Hustlers create change that impacts their community.