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HonorHealth Wants You To Know Your Risk Factors For Heart Month

February is American Heart Month – Know Your Risk Factors.

As we recognize American Heart Month and Go Red for Women, which is this Friday, it’s important to highlight that women’s symptoms are under recognized and under-appreciated, often leading to catastrophic – yet preventable – consequences if not treated. Executive Director of HonorHealth’s Cardiovascular Center of Excellence Dr. Maulik Shah joins the show to discuss risk factors for heart disease and what people can do to stay heart healthy. Joining Dr. Shah is HonorHealth patient, Tammy, who had a common condition called SVT, which caused a feeling of her heart racing. Sometimes harmless, the condition can lead to stroke or even death. Tammy was busy working and taking care of her family, so she ignored her symptoms – until she couldn’t ignore them any longer and was forced to go to the ER.