Hidden iPhone Features

Tricks and hacks you didn’t know your iPhone could do!

We all knew that our iPhones were little pieces of electronic wonder, but there are so many features that are completely overlooked!  Joining Catherine Anaya today is Eric Marcus, CEO of Marcus Networking Inc.  He shows us all the fascinating hidden features of the iPhones, including “hey Siri”, shake-to-undo, and a feature that allows you to use your phone as a level.  Want to know what your most recent email said, what planes are flying overhead, or what time a text message was received?  Maybe you want to teach Siri to pronounce certain unique words, customize the vibration pattern for alerts, or make a passcode that uses letters as well as numbers.  All this, and so much more, for you on this Tech Tuesday!  Hey, Siri… remind me to watch Arizona Daily Mix at 9:00am.