Harvest Compassion Center and Arizona Gives Day

Harvest Compassion Center and Arizona Gives Day.

Harvest Compassion Center is making an impact and wants to make sure that no one in Arizona goes hungry. They are still open in light of the current situation and are taking safety precautions and following state mandates. In Arizona, 1 in 4 children and 1 in 5 adults are hungry. Arizona ranks 13th worst in the country in food hardship rate with 19.2% of Arizonians not having enough money to provide food for their family throughout the year. Located in East Valley, North Valley and the Maryville community, HCC wants to help as many people as they can. The HCC strives to be more than just a local food bank, it’s a one-stop shopping experience! HCC’s look like mini-marts and clothing boutiques, where clients are welcomed to shop and choose their most-needed food, hygiene, baby and clothing items all FREE of charge. With no pre-qualifications and/or appointments ever needed, HCC’s are open to the general public and provide service to anyone living in Arizona. They also have the FEED 1 Campaign. Give today through Arizona Gives Day and double your donation! For more information about Harvest Compassion Center, visit https://harvestcompassioncenter.org.