Halloween Power Pumpkin Workout

Use that jack-o’-lantern to get fit this holiday season.

Halloween means candy, costumes, and the start of the holiday season. Blast calories and get in the spirit with a fun, and festive inspired workout that requires one piece of equipment that you’ll definitely have at home — a pumpkin!  Instead of focusing on the chocolate, candy corn, and other spooky confectionary at your fingertips, celebrate with a workout that will tone your legs, abs, and arms. EōS Fitness is demonstrating some fun fall exercises using pumpkins instead of medicine balls, kettle bells or dumbbells, to get your full-body workout, AND have fun with the family too.

More Pumpkin Workout Info:

  • Using a mid-weight pumpkin can be just as effective as traditional weights like kettle bells or medicine balls.
  • Some simple exercises you can do at home or in the back-yard can keep you in shape before the holiday season and the overload of sweet treats and calories begin.
  • These simple full-body workout tips can be done by anyone, anywhere. Start now and fight the guilt about indulging in Halloween candy.

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