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Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge: 5-Timers Club

Check out the two dishes created for the Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge.

We’ve all enjoyed the wonderful tastes of Girl Scout Cookies for decades upon decades, but now we have a chance to enjoy something new! The Girl Scout Cookie Desert Challenge is in its 5th year here in Arizona, and twenty-four chefs have partnered with GSACPC for this wonderful event. Here on Arizona Daily Mix, Catherine Anaya speaks with Nick Hillary, Rusconi’s American Kitchen chef, and Susan Kolman, pastry chef with The Thumb, about why they have partnered with the Girl Scouts for this fun event. They even give us a taste of the delicious concoctions they have come up with for our enjoyment! Don’t miss a day of fun with us!


Tag-anana Pie


16 ounces           Cream

6 ounces             Milk

6 ½ ounces         Sugar

1 teaspoon          Vanilla paste

4 Sheets              Gelatin sheets or 1 packet plain gelatin

1 ½                       Bananas, sliced

8                           Tagalongs, each

Heat milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla to a simmer.

Add bananas and cook for five minutes.

Blend the banana mixture to smooth and add gelatin. Strain mixture.

Chill banana mixture over an ice bath until room temperature and pour to desired shapes.

Chill in refrigerate for two hours or until completely set.Garnish with crushed or whole cookies whipped cream and fresh berries.