Future Stars of Sports

FutureStars provides life and sports mentors for athletic children.

The future belongs to the young, they say, and in the world of sports, we constantly look to the fresh, young talent that steps up to the plate.  Now that the summer is almost over and children are beginning to leave the great outdoors to sit again in a classroom, it’s more important than ever to make sure that they can still get good exercise.  Sports are a wonderful way to do that, and FutureStars is doing their best to help.  From character-building team sports to challenging and encouraging individual workouts, children learn valuable life lessons while they also learn great physical exercise.  Marcello Ezugwu and Giulia Zuin join Danielle Williams to talk about the vital role FutureStars plays in children’s lives.  This week’s episode of Sports Bites is too good to miss!