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Fun Tech Gadgets for the Kids

May the force be with you!

Most kids walk around the house calling, “Here, Fido! Here, boy!” With the fabulous new toys that Scott Huscher shows us on the Arizona Daily Mix show, however, your child might end up calling BB-8 instead. From an app-controlled Star Wars droid to Parrot minidrones, kiddos of any age will feel like they can swoop through the galaxy on exotic missions of conquest.

If the galaxy has already lost its charm for the rapidly growing teens you know, try capturing their interest with an item guaranteed to be enjoyable for all. The Beats Solo3 wireless headphones last for 40 hours on a full battery, and can connect via Bluetooth to the phone for quick calls or instant Siri assistance.

If the party spirit is going around, headphones just won’t cut it. Grab a UE WONDERBOOM speaker to vamp up the tunes! The super-portable Bluetooth speaker carries a surprising 10 hours of play-back in its completely waterproof shell, ready to take the stage solo or pair with another speaker for even bigger sound. Boom away!

Virtual reality is coming into its own, and never more so than with the Samsung Gear VR 2017! The new handheld controller seamlessly responds to human movement, from grabbing to lifting to pointing. The separate Samsung 360 Camera records the entire VR video, so it’s perfect for sharing that experience.

Life happens. The best way to keep from worrying about it happening to your phone is to get a case… specifically a Lifeproof or Otterbox case. These sturdy, stylish, and strategically invented cases are designed to defend your phone or tablet from the rigors of an active life.