Exotic Travel for Less

Vacationing in Montreal, Vancouver, and Seattle.

Are you trying to escape the muggy heat of monsoon season in Phoenix? You don’t have to go all the way to Oz for a great time; just hop over the border into Canada! From Montreal to Vancouver there are beautiful cities, exotic restaurants, festivals, excursions, adventures, and cruises. The weather is ideal this time of year, and the country provides you with a fascinating step into another culture for much less time and money than a trip across the pond. Don’t have the passport you need to enter another country, or simply aren’t afflicted with that chronic state of wanderlust? Stay right within the borders of our own gorgeous nation and take a quick trip to Seattle, Washington. Great for both families and individuals, the vast forests, museums rich with history, and the city filled with good food and places to explore, Seattle is a wonderful place to visit during the summer.

Best of all, you don’t have to tackle the arrangements of the trip alone. Pat McMahon speaks with Staci Lichterman, founder of Pop Culture Travel, to learn about how travel agents can help you plan a memorable trip. They also have incredible savings and deals that can keep your trip from draining your funds. Don’t miss Arizona Daily Mix… it never disappoints!