Elect AZ On-Air Schedule

Find out when your candidate will be on.

AZ Daily Mix Weekdays at 8am and 5am (2nd airing)

Air Date Candidate Party Office
7/2 Karen Fann Rep State Senator District 1
7/2 Timothy Jeffries Rep State Senator District 23
7/3 Haryaksha Gregor Knauer Green US Congress District 4
7/3 Brandon Martin Rep US Congress District 2
7/5 Ben Carmitchel Dem State Senator District 16
7/5 Walt Blackman Rep State Representative District 6
7/6 Dr. Heather Ross Dem US Congress District 6
7/6 John Fillmore Rep State Representative District 16
7/9 Kelly Fryer Dem Governor
7/9 Kristina Kelly Rep State Senator District 23
7/10 Ray Speakman Rep State Represnetive District 26
7/10 Steve Smith Rep US Congress CD 1
7/11 Frank Schmuck Rep State Senator District 18
7/11 Steve Gaynor Rep Secretary of State
7/12 Joanne Osborne Rep State Representative District  13
7/12 Wendy Rogers Rep US Congress CD 1
7/13 Jimmy Lindblom Rep State Senator District 12
7/13 Joe Arpaio Rep US Senate
7/16 Linda Gross Dem State Representatative District 8
7/16 Joe Hart Rep State Mine Inspector